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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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coming up, abc area man is abducted in pakistan. plus breaking developments in vote 2012, telling the straw poll votes. and a triple fatal crash on the b.w. parkway a baby among the victims. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute it is a very busy saturday, and we are glad you are with us. we begin with the abduction of a d.c. area man and pakistan, identified as warren weinstein. richard reeve joins us with the
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latest. >> herein rockville where bornstein has a home with his wife elaine, there is growing concern about who may have done this. from this compound in pakistan -- >> these people were going to take out americans. a >> to this home in rockville >> i was very concerned. i believed this was going to be his last overseas project. >> there is growing concern about the fate of kidnapped american contractor warned one steam. >> i don't think it is safe at all. -- kidnapped american contractor warned one steam. >> officials say warren weinstein was kidnapped about 3:15 a.m. pakistani time. eight to 10 men approached the house on a ploy. >> they came to the door and
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wanted to share food. when they got in, they grabbed him. >> his three guards were left tied up, his driver pistol whipped before the kidnappers put him in a car and left. >> this is a big surprise for me. i don't know how she will take this news. >> it is hard to know who the kidnappers are, but many believe this was a well-planned abduction. >> i just hope these are not some of the radicals out there. >> daniel pearl was the wall street journal reporter who was captured and killed by al qaeda in pakistan back in 2002. the state department is urging americans to take precaution in that part of the world. we are told that war and one steam had plans to return to the u.s. as of monday. -- we are told that weinstein
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had plans to return it to the u.s. as of monday. major developments in vote 2012. this afternoon rick perry into the race for the gop nomination and the key state of south carolina. just about an hour ago, voting in the iowa star poll -- iowa straw poll finished. >> it is part county fair, part political ritual. the iowa straw poll gives public voters their first say about the gop presidential field. it michelle bachman is the presumed front-runner. she is a native of iowa. >> we actually think it is a good idea to turn a profit. >> former minnesota governor tim pawlenty may have the most to lose. his campaign is struggling, and a poor showing here could be fatal. >> this is about getting the
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country back on track. >> experts say do not count out texas congressman ron paul, a favorite within the conservative -- within the conservative base. texas gov. rick perry through his hat into the rain saturday. them with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america i declare to you today as a candidate for the president of the united states. >> he could be a texas sized headache for current gop front runner mitt romney. he is the nation's longest serving governor, and he can boast that about one-third of jobs created in the u.s. since the recession were from texas. mitt romney was sitting out the straw poll after losing in the iowa caucuses in 2008. sarah palin went to iowa, and she says she will let us know if she is becoming a candidate for president by next month. meantime voters have plenty to
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work with. turning now to the weather we are on storm watch. storms moved through much of the area late today. for more on what we can expect in the coming hours, we go to steve rudin and the weather center. >> we were watching thunderstorms from the belfort furniture weather center. the severe thunderstorm warning has been canceled. outside, the rain totals, over an inch in fairfax, nearly an inch at children's hospital in the district, three-quarters of an inch in upper marlboro and germantown. abc 7 live super doppler radar the heaviest activity moving across baltimore, and a little bit of a break in the action. we are looking for things to settle down the next couple hours, but by early tomorrow morning, changes on the way. the temperatures today only
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into the middle 80's. a nice change from the 90-plus readings we have had. wait until you see the extended outlook, slightly cooler temperatures. you'll love what is on the way plus the forecast of heavy rain. following a developing story from southeast washington, where the police are investigating a fatal stabbing that happened at 3:00 this morning on 13th street inside of them park complex. instead of an apartment complex. the police are investigating a car accident on the b.w. parkway that left three people dead including a baby. it happened overnight near powder mill road in beltsville. u.s. park police say the driver of the should be lost control and smashed into a tree. a teenager and adult were pronounced dead at the scene. the three-month old baby died later at the hospital. three other children and adults are hospitalized in critical condition. new details about the man
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who aruban authorities suspect in the disappearance of a travel companion. last night there removed a number of boxes from his home. he is being held in jail after his companion roblin partner, disappeared. friends say that giordanop had an on-again, off-again relationship with the woman. >> they are trying to determine how abnormal his relationship was with her and is there information that could actually use it to further potentially charge him in aruba. and he denies he was involved in the disappearance. he says they went snorkeling and she became separated from him. today was the annual safe surrender program, encouraging people who are wanted for nonviolent crimes to turn themselves in and possibly avoid jail time. people with warrants for
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misdemeanor nonviolent crimes could turn themselves in. it runs the next few saturdays. court officials say 98% of those who turn themselves in are able to go on the same day. coming up, a german leaders marking the anniversary of an iconic symbol of the cold war. plus the search is over for the 12-year-old boy scout who disappeared during his trip in utah, found alive. >> hundreds of women walk the streets of d.c. in what they call their slightest
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an iconic symbol of the cold war is marking an anniversary. german leaders gathered in berlin to mark 50 years of rigid the 50-year anniversary of the berlin wall. it's stretched nearly 100
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miles. the wall was torn down and 1989 and germany was reunified a year later. the search is over for a missing boy scout in utah. they found the 12-year-old this morning. they say he wondered about 5 miles from where he went missing yesterday. he got separated from his voice got troops during a fishing trip. nearly two dozen people look for him. this morning he was in good health after surviving 20 hours in rough terrain. he slept in a lean 2 that he built for shelter overnight. president obama says partisanship has hurt the economy and brought washington to a standstill, urging people to contact their elected leaders and let them know they are tired of the gridlock. >> while there is nothing wrong with our country, there is something wrong with our politics, and that is what we have to fix. we know there are things congress can do right now to get more money back in the pockets,
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get the economy growing faster, and get our friends and neighbors back to work. >> in the republican response, they criticized president saying that government regulation had discouraged businesses from hiring and expanding. metro delays on the four lines. trains are single tracking on the red, blue, orange, and yeah lines as workers repair platforms and upgrade stations. people can expect delays of up to 20 minutes. normal service will resume monday. hundreds of women smoke filled the streets of d.c. with a serious message. why the event
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the so-called slut-walk
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straight through d.c., challenging the notion that sex assault victims could be blamed for being attacked. we have more on this. >> the idea started in canada. it has been held in several other u.s. cities and countries. they raised lots of eyebrows, which is what organizers intended. today is the first time this person has worn a sleeveless shirt and shorts in four years. >> i have not had the confidence after i was accused of asking for it. >> she said a police officer told her she deserved it when she was raped. her hands are shaking declaring she is a survivor. >> i have not felt good with it. it jumping in feet first. >> the woman turned out in their
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shortest skirts and high heels. >> we have had catcalls. >> the statements are not about fashion. >> it does not really matter how you dress. you should not be assaulted. at>> organizers say the name may be controversial but it gets attention. >> just to get to the point where they are paying attention to this very underdressed issue. >> they gathered at the base of the washington monument to hear speakers. one of them was sexually assaulted by family members at the age of 4. >> it is important for me to speak out and let people know they are not alone and this is just the beginning of the healing. >> beyond raising awareness the organizers are also requesting that rape kids be placed at all health care facilities that receive public funding and make sensitivity training mandatory for police officers. steve rudin is here.
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it rained earlier, indoor dining tonight? >> yes. if you are planning outdoor activities, you will want to think differently and grabbed the umbrella tonight. heavy rain this afternoon gaithersburg, anywhere from 1/4 range to about three-quarters of an inch under some of the heavier downpours, just the beginning. tomorrow could pick up one or 2 inches of rain across the region. at the beach, it is quiet and dry, that will change overnight. 80 degrees at baird -- at reagan national airport, feels like 84 with the wind out of the south. 74 germantown, three-quarters of an inch of rainfall. nothing to speak of in rehoboth. rain later tonight into the day tomorrow. if you have beach plans, you may want to reconsider tomorrow.
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75 degrees at wtop radio earlier this afternoon. 77 dulles airport same in fredericksburg culpeper 79. doppler radar the heavier storms moving across baltimore towards aberdeen, and scattered showers to the south and west, culpeper, harrison bergeron looking at light showers. not expecting a lot the next several hours. things will quiet down by midnight or so and pick up again by tomorrow morning. 86 at charleston 88-filled. the hot weather is beginning to team itself as we move into the month of august. the satellite radar, showers and thunderstorms moving off towards the north and east, the severe weather associated with the low pressure will impact us for the day tomorrow. right now, severe weather across lower michigan, illinois, ohio.
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tropical storm franklin, the good news, moving off towards the east, the wind at 40 m.p.h., but it will fizzle out the next couple days and poses no threat. future-cast, the next 48 hours as we move through the day tomorrow the showers increase. the heavier rain tomorrow afternoon and evening into the overnight hours of early monday. then we clear out. the high pressure settles in behind the cold front. a beautiful tuesday and wednesday on the way. at 68-74 overnight. tomorrow, pretty much a lot washout, 1, 2 inches of rain not out of the question. upper 70's, low 80's, one of the coolest days we have had well over a month. middle 80's as we move into the start of the upcoming week. middle to upper 80's. tuesday and wednesday look like
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the best days of the week. allows you to look at the latest warnings and advisory's. we also have an interactive doppler radar. >> the weather is not looking stellar tomorrow, but you know who looked a stellar last night? the redskins. two locals who are vying for the running back job are doing well. that is exciting. the redskins are enjoying the day off today. we will recap the action.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. surprise is probably the best way to describe last night's redskins game.
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consider the redskins' offensive line looked clean, along the ground game to an average 4.3 yards per carry, and no sacks. rex grossman played the entire first half, completing 19 of 26 passes 207 yards with a touchdown to santana moss. john beck will get a shot soon, most likely against the colts. rex grossman made his case to be the starter, working with kyle shanahan for three seasons comfortable with the playbook. >> being able to start the last three games has helped me coming into this year, how i have been able to react. being up to keep myself. >> grossman was nice, very efficient. he is a lot more mature now and managing the game well. >> grossman and pressed but he
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was not the only one. tim hightower had 10 carries, 44 yards, and he enjoyed the strike zone. he walt picked it up where clinton portis left off in the past protection department. he grew up in alexandria, so look for increased enthusiasm from the hometown fans. >> i was emotional. i was sitting on the sideline, thinking about the road that led me to this point. it has been a long journey and i am finally back home and it feels good. >> he did not disappoint me. he is a strong runner. i thought he had an excellent game from the first game. he is getting used to the system. the nationals in philadelphia tonight john landon on the mound against oswalt. stephen strasburg made his
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second rehab start in potomac last night, everybody talking. he was limited to three innings striking out five batters allowing just two hits and did not want anyone. he even reached at 99 m.p.h. with his fastball. he will very soon talk to reporters tonight and we will know on thursday when he will make his next start. >> i know that i can be the picture i was. it is only a matter of time. today is another step in the process. the sec powerhouse could get bigger. texas a&m could move to the conference, and florida state clemson, and missouri could follow. an official announcement is expected monday. >> i love the fall season, exciting to get sports st
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we have a new contest for a free ipad2. just like our facebook page and enter. we will pick the lucky win ner next friday at 5:00. steve rudin will not be the lucky winner. tomorrow is not the luckiest of days, a couple of inches of much-needed rain. middle 80's monday, street showers early morning. tuesday and wednesday look great. also check out the facebook page and check out kris and britt. >> thank you very much, father was on twitter, too. thank you for joining us.
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